Monday, 27 April 2015

The Hopeful Notes

Helloo there !

On my last blog, I talked endlessly about a wonderful woman called Carrie Hope Fletcher whom I absolutely adore .. and now you just the pleasure of another awe fuelled blog post on my idol! Arn't you lucky ;) Today I wanted to talk about Carries hopeful notes!

What are they ?

The hopeful notes are named after Carries' middle name, Hope. Quite a while ago, her fans began calling themselves the Hopefuls after her. So it only seemed fitting that Carries new idea to add a little extra kindness to the world was called the Hopeful Notes ! Hopeful notes are little positive messages left on post it notes to brighten up a strangers day when they find them :)

Why ?

Wouldn't it make you smile to know that a complete stranger cared enough to take time out of their day just to let you know it's all going to be okay ? You never know who will find the message that just took you a few seconds to write. It might find just the right person at just the right time when they need a little pick me up to get them through a rough day :) Plus a set of post it notes and pen isn't really going to set you back that much and it's definitely worth it , I pinkie promise ^.^

Where ? 

You can leave them anywhere and EVERYWHERE ! Just don't get caught ! My friend and me sometimes write out around twenty and get in a lift and cover the lift with little messages of hope, the challenge is to finish putting them up before the lift stops and someone else gets in ! If you're nervous about people noticing you and thinking your weird, just remember they probably wont even ask, and if they do then just say you're doing a little project to cheer people up :)

Here are a few ideas of where you could leave them :

  • In changing rooms ( a cute "You're Beautiful " message on the mirror would be nice, don't you think ? ^.^ ) 
  • On the stairways 
  • Stuck on random pages of notebooks in stationary stores 
  • Inside books at the library, especially self-help books ! 
  • Behind food at the Supermarket 
  • On your table after you leave a coffee shop :) I always leave a little note for the waitress/waiter 
  • The Bathroom mirrors 
  • Dotted around shops anywhere you can find a space that isn't too noticeable :) 

But What Do I Say ??? 

Whenever I've spoken to anyone about hopeful notes, people have said that they just don't know what to write ! I've worked out that it's easy to know what to write as long as you stick to one simple rule. Write what YOU need to hear, right now . Believe it or not, however rubbishy you're feeling, you're not alone and that means other people people are feeling like, they're not quite good enough or their nose is too big ( just an example, I'm sure you have a wonderful nose ) Give them the support you need. Whatever anyone tells me, you CAN ALWAYS give someone a hug with words . 

I also keep a little notebook where I jot down positive quotes for hopeful notes to keep for whenever I need one quick :) You could even use one of Carries quotes : 

" Things haven't always been this bad, therefore they wont always be this bad " 

If you're struggling to think of quotes then let me know in the comments and I'll do a Top Ten Quotes For Hopeful Notes post that rhymed ! ... Wow, I'm easily amused aha :) 

Spread a Little Kindness ! 

So why not go for it ? You're a lovely human being, and there's lots of other lovely human beings on Earth , even if we all do silly things sometimes and upset people . We all deserve a little Kindness ! There's a quote that says, " Happiness is like jam you can spread some without getting a little on yourself " You will be amazed how good doing the odd random act of kindness will make you feel ! 

You can find the hopeful notes twitter page here. If you know any positive quotes then I'd love to hear about them in the comments ! Lets add a lil bit of sunshine to someone's world ! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, I've wanted to write it for a LONG time :) Have a lovely day ! 

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 
Love, Marianne xxx


  1. absolutely love carrie! she just fills the world with positivity, doesn't she?
    glad to find another hopeful blogger. the hopeful notes are so sweet, i got warm fuzzies just reading this post!

    1. I'm right with you there ! Carrie's my inspiration in so many ways :) They really are a great way to bring a lil bit more sunshine to the world :)

      lots of love, Marianne xxx