Sunday, 31 May 2015

30 Day Happiness Challenge !

I personally believe that happiness is very important for a persons well being ( hence the positivity blog ) I also believe that happiness and kindness go hand in hand . Not just kindness to others but to yourself ... but also others because you wouldn't believe what a lovely feeling it is to make a random stranger smile :)

" If your compassion doesn't include yourself it's incomplete"

So I thought I'd put together a months worth of simple little challenges to see if they can make you, me and any strangers who get affected by some of the challenges, HAPPIER :) Wouldn't that be lovely ? 

Day One : Leave a hopeful note somewhere ( If you don't know what they are click here )

Day Two : Make a list of three things you like about your body

Day Three : Compliment a friend

Day Four : Treat yourself ! Let yourself have an extra scoop of that chocolate ice cream, or get yourself a new book , whatever you fancy, you deserve it because you're awesome :)

Day Five : Start a notebook where you write one good thing that happens everyday , no matter how rubbish the day, you have to find something .

Day Six: Make a list of five things you're grateful for

Day Seven : Have an early night, just turn your phone off an get some rest

Day Eight : Make a list of four positive words your friends would use to describe you

Day Nine : Make a commitment to accept all positive compliments ( It's not arrogant if anything it's way more polite than disregarding someone's positive opinion of you )

Day Ten : Make time for breakfast ... How about Nutella on toast, YUMMY !

Day Eleven : Find three positive quotes that you like

Day Twelve : Think extra carefully before you speak .

" If you propose to speak, always ask yourself. Is it true, is it necessary, is it kind ? "
- Buddha 

Day Thirteen: Make a list of three things you like about your personality

Day Fourteen : Have a little bit of "me time " . Why not just snuggle up with a good book or have a duvet day ? As long as you're happy :)

Day Fifteen : Woo ! You're halfway there ! Celebrate by buying some new clothes that make you feel good or a new accessory .

Day Sixteen : Make a list of five things that you're grateful for

Day Seventeen : Write a positive letter and leave it somewhere random for a stranger to find !

Day Eighteen : Let someone you love.. well, know that you love them ! You'd be suprised at how much your mum or best friend or even that boy who you keep staring at in class needs to know :)

Day Nineteen : Let you know that you're loved ! Take a few minutes to think about all the people who care about you

Day Twenty : Find three more positive quotes

Day Twenty-one : Leave some money in the change part of a sweet vending machine

Day Twenty-two : Tell who-ever serves you at the shops or in a cafe to have a nice day

Day Twenty-three : Get some fresh air  ! Go for a quiet walk and clear your mind

Day Twenty-four : Make a list of five more things you're grateful for

Day Twenty-five : Make a list of one thing in each month for the rest of the year, to look forward to

Day Twenty-six : Tell someone that you like there outfit

Day Twenty-seven: Make a list of five things you're good at

Day Twenty-eight : Leave another hopeful note

Day Twenty-nine : Compliment a stranger ( The person next to you on the bus, the person who serves you at the till, whoever's behind you in the que , ANYONE )

Day Thirty : Write up all the lists, quotes and stick pictures of any hopeful notes you left in a notebook to look back on when you're feeling down !

I really hope this helps add a little extra sunshine to your month :) if you try it out then let me know what you put on your hopeful notes, in the comments !

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :)
Love, Marianne xxx

Saturday, 30 May 2015

A Metaphorical Kick up the Butt !


I haven't really sat down and just had a chat since I moved from my previous blog to this blog, because if I'm completely honest with you, I'm not sure how I want to present myself on this blog yet. But today I realised that that doesn't matter as much as just sitting down, writing and hopefully helping someone. DontBurstMyBubbleXx has always been about spreading positivity to try and add a little extra sunshine into the world . I tried to keep this new blog nice and ordered with plenty of structure because that's how I've been trying to arrange my life at the minute. But that's just not how my mind is, and that's not how my writing is. And because of trying to make my world fit into a nice little labelled box with a nice bow on it that screams perfect .. I've lost all of my silver linings and that , that is something I'm not okay with.

 When I started writing originally, I just wanted to share my silver linings with other people in an attempt to help them. Now I need to find them again . With the stress of exams, friends, not friends, life and everything in-between I didn't even notice the positivity in my life slipping away ! When I realised the other week that I was unhappy and that this was a massive contributor. I found that finding the good things in the bad was a lot harder when you're out of practise !

So I started a little notebook where I'm writing in one good thing that happens every single day . No matter how crappy it is there's always something. I'd forgotten that . But now, I'm determined to get back to reminding myself and everyone else that yes it might be really, really REALLY crap and I'm sorry about that, honestly I am and I hope it gets better soon but I guarantee no matter what happened today, something good also happened today ! If you start a notebook like mine and write in one thing each day. Yes, It will be difficult at first. But within literally like three days, that's it ! It begins to get way easier than you think and then you can start applying the ability to look for the good in all situations to more and more aspects of your life.

I'm sorry If this has been a little ( a lot ) of me just rambling on today but I really wanted to just get this out there because I've had a bit of a metaphorical kick up the butt . I didn't know how much I needed it because I completely forgot how nice it was to see good everywhere, but I needed it and I hope it helps you out too :)

Share one good thing about today in the comments. Even if it's been a really bad day . Actually especially if it's been a really bad day... then you need it most !

I hope you're a having a lovely day wherever you're finding that loveliness  ,

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :)

Lots of Love,
Marianne xxx

P.S. Check back on Monday for a new post on happiness and getting back into a positive mindset ! :)

Monday, 25 May 2015

Beautiful Words

I think about words a lot. I mean, I write blog posts for a hobby so I guess that's not really a surprise :) But I've found a collection or some really cute words that just make me smile with their means :) Here they are :

Serendipity : Finding something nice while looking for something else.

Koi no yokan : Alright ... yeah this one is Japanese. But it still has a super sweet meaning so I just had to share it with you anyway ! It means: The sense one has upon meeting another person that they will fall in love .

Redamancy : The act of loving someone when who loves you; a love returned in full :)

Collywobbles : Yes ! It's actually a word :D It means : The uneasiness; known as the butterflies in your tummy .

Cingulomania : The strong desire to hold someone in your arms ^.^ Awwwwww !

Selcouth : Unfamiliar, strange, rare and yet marvellous ( It is genuinely my favourite thing ever that there is a word for this !)

Wonderstruck : Experiencing a sudden feeling of awe, delight or wonder .

Brontide : The low rumble of distant thunder

Eleutheromania: An intense and irresistible desire for freedom !

Abracadabra: Even though most people know this as the magic words from Aladin, it actually comes from the Hebrew phrase "Avrakendabra". Which means I will create as I speak :)

If you have any other lovely, underused words that you think should be brought back, then let me know in the comments !

I hope you have a fabulous week where serendipty leads you to koi no yokan resulting in redamancy even if it gave you collywobbles at first. And that now you are over come with cingulamania because of these selcouth happenings. If not, I hope you have felt wonderstruck at least once. Perhaps at the calming sound of brontide whilst you're snuggled up in bed, which sparked a sense of eleutheromania in your heart . And if all that just doesn't work out; say ABRACADABRA ! And try again :)

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :)
Love Marianne xxx