Monday, 25 May 2015

Beautiful Words

I think about words a lot. I mean, I write blog posts for a hobby so I guess that's not really a surprise :) But I've found a collection or some really cute words that just make me smile with their means :) Here they are :

Serendipity : Finding something nice while looking for something else.

Koi no yokan : Alright ... yeah this one is Japanese. But it still has a super sweet meaning so I just had to share it with you anyway ! It means: The sense one has upon meeting another person that they will fall in love .

Redamancy : The act of loving someone when who loves you; a love returned in full :)

Collywobbles : Yes ! It's actually a word :D It means : The uneasiness; known as the butterflies in your tummy .

Cingulomania : The strong desire to hold someone in your arms ^.^ Awwwwww !

Selcouth : Unfamiliar, strange, rare and yet marvellous ( It is genuinely my favourite thing ever that there is a word for this !)

Wonderstruck : Experiencing a sudden feeling of awe, delight or wonder .

Brontide : The low rumble of distant thunder

Eleutheromania: An intense and irresistible desire for freedom !

Abracadabra: Even though most people know this as the magic words from Aladin, it actually comes from the Hebrew phrase "Avrakendabra". Which means I will create as I speak :)

If you have any other lovely, underused words that you think should be brought back, then let me know in the comments !

I hope you have a fabulous week where serendipty leads you to koi no yokan resulting in redamancy even if it gave you collywobbles at first. And that now you are over come with cingulamania because of these selcouth happenings. If not, I hope you have felt wonderstruck at least once. Perhaps at the calming sound of brontide whilst you're snuggled up in bed, which sparked a sense of eleutheromania in your heart . And if all that just doesn't work out; say ABRACADABRA ! And try again :)

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :)
Love Marianne xxx


  1. This is seriously such a cute post! It made me smile :) Thank you for sharing <3


  2. I need to try and use these words! Love the word 'collywobbles'.


    1. I know right ! I couldn't believe it was a real word :)

      Love, Marianne xxx