Friday, 5 August 2016

I'm Ready For Something New


Today is a bit of a strange day . For the last month I've not been posting as usual and I hope you can forgive me for that. I've been working really hard on creating my own website and wow it's definitely been a journey, but right now seeing www.don' on my screen, I actually feel a little emotional because so much has changed in the past three years since I began this blog as an unhappy teenager in a rubbish relationship and a " I guess that will do" attitude . I'm stood here now with cat ears on my head, glitter in my hair, and beautiful girl ( who has changed my life in more ways than you could imagine) in my arms and a determination to write, to improve myself and to work towards and maintain the happiness that I have discovered and share that with you guys on my new website. I hope you understand that I needed this change, I'm ready for something new. I need to move away from my the past few years and settle myself in my new life with my gorgeous girlfriend who has taught me so many things. I need to move on to give myself permission to be happy with her and to forgive myself for all the mistakes I've made in the past few years that mostly revolve around not allowing myself to love her sooner .

Here on Don'tBurstMyBubble the most wonderful, positive community has evolved and I can take no credit for that because that's all you guys and your kind, beautiful hearts. I'm so grateful for all of you and your support over the past few years and I really want to guys to know that you are truly the best.

There's nothing I would love more than for you guys to follow me onto my new website and into this new segment of my life so we can continue to grow our little community, being kinder and happier than ever and improving our mental well-being <3 Of course you don't have to come, if this is where you feel your journey with this blog ends then it has been a pleasure chatting with you and growing with you for all these years and I truly wish you the best.

However if you would like to come with me then you will find me here at :

and you've no idea how delighted I will be to see you there !

Thank you so much for being the beautiful people you are and having always been, I love you all so much . It's been good .

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 

Lots of love always , Marianne xxx