Monday, 6 April 2015

How To ... Duvet Day

Happy Monday !

So I'm a week into the Easter holidays and unfortunately that week has been filled with more revision than sleep ... and probably more Pinterest than revision but lets not focus on that eh ;) Nevertheless, I'm determined to fit in a duvet day somewhere, and as I'm sure you deserve one for being the wonderful person that you are, you could probably do with a rest, because life can be tiring sometimes :) So to help you out here's a step by step guide on how to duvet day !

Step One : Get up ... okay I know a duvet day generally implies staying in bed and I really am ever so sorry ... but you've got to get out first . I promise you can get back in soon though. Okay ? Okay . (I couldn't resist a quick The Fault In Our Star Reference ... sorry aha :) )

Step Two : Okay so the quicker you do this the quicker you can get back in bed, which is a pretty tempting reward as far as I'm concerned aha . I find that if you get in the shower and wash your hair , use a nice body wash to make yourself feel all clean and fresh, that a duvet day is far more enjoyable :) I used lush vanilla dee-lite body lotion when I got out the shower, It's my favourite body lotion at the minute ! Like all things from lush it smells gorgeous and is great for your skin :)

Step Three: Now you're all freshened up, dry your hair into a lion like fluffball fashion ... if your hair doesn't turn into a mane of frizz when you dry it, I seriously envy you ;)

Step Four : Put on a nice clean pair of pyjamas so that you're all comfy :) I actually love ASDA's pyjamas ! They have some really cute designs and don't cost the Earth to buy, which is extremely lucky for my mum since I seem to find a new pair that I simply NEED every time she does the weekly shop !

Step Five : SNACKS !!! Personally I needed Sour Cream and Chive Pringles and Magic stars ... and I mean all the Magic stars in Asda .. ALL OF THEM !!!

Step Six : Pick out your favourite DVDs :) Whether you're binge watching The Big Bang Theory ( AKA The best sitcom EVER ) or fancy snuggling up to some Disney Magic . Or even a million romantic comedies and a good chick flick ! Just find whatever takes your fancy because for once you have time to watch it :)

Step Seven : If watching Seven series of Big Bang Theory back to back isn't your thing, then grab that new book and finish it in one go, doddle, plan in your new colour co-ordinated revision pens ... oh is that just me ? oh .. um okay then ..... ;) Just have a day to yourself , with limited energy use and unlimited food intake hehe :)

Step Eight : Finally cuddle up under the duvet and only move in the name of ice cream ... or a fire ... definitely move in a fire!!!  ;)

So that's everything ! Enjoy your duvet day, get some rest and I hope you're feeling smiley and ready to go tomorrow because you're worth it :) Let me know in the comments what's the one thing you HAVE to have or do on a perfect duvet day ?

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :)

Love, Marianne xxx

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  1. Sorry work, that's happening very, very soon! :)
    <3 Catherine