Monday, 13 April 2015

Recipe : Apple Pie

Hello !

One of my favourite foods has always been apple pie ! I mean who doesn't like that warm lovely-ness on a cosy evening in ? So I finally decided to get my mum to teach me how to make one myself seeing as she's far better at baking than I am ... along with most 5 years old kids ! But don't worry this recipe is super nice and easy even when it's made by me and it was edible , I checked ;) Actually It was pretty yummy :) It's even decorated with cute pastry stars !

Starry Apple Pie

What You'll Need :

  • 12 oz / 340g Plain Flour 
  • 6 oz / 170g  Butter 
  • Caster Sugar to taste 
  • 1lb and a half / 680g of apples ( It will be about 1lb once they'll peeled, cored and sliced ) 
  • 1 egg yolk 
  • Water 
  • A lil bit of milk 
Step One : Peel, core and cut up your apples into thick slices . Then once you weigh them there should be around 1lb :)

Step Two : Pop them in a pan with some water and stir until they're soft. Different apples need different amounts of water depending on type and how ripe they are but just add a little bit at first and if the apples start to stick then add some more ! Once they're soft add caster sugar to taste . If you have too much mixture , you can freeze it and just used it another time .

Step Three : Put your apple filling to one side and get out a mixing bowl and some scales because now it's time to make the pastry ! First weigh out the flour and then sift it into a bowl .

Step Four : Next weigh out your butter, you might want to melt the butter in the microwave slightly for a few seconds to make it easier to do the next step ! 

Step Five : Rub the butter and sugar together between your fingers until the mixture looks like breadcrumbs :) Once you've done that add, a dessert spoon of sugar and mix it in .

Step Six : Crack your egg into a bowl or cup, then separate the white from the yolk by tipping the egg white into a different cup :) 

Step Seven : Put the egg yolk in the bowl with the mixture and add a small amount of water and mix it all together, keep adding water a lil bit at a time until the mixture forms a ball !

Step Eight : Sprinkle some flour over a clean surface and onto a rolling pin to stop the pastry from sticking the it :) Now roll out the pastry to about 5 mm thick . 

Step Nine : To get the pastry into the pie dish, hang the pastry dough over the rolling pin and use this to lay it over the dish. Then just gently press the pastry down to fit the dish, being careful not to rip it !


Step Ten : Go round with a knife to trim of the edges on the pastry and fill up the bowl with the apple mixture, before dabbing a lil bit of water around the edge of the pastry :) 

Step Eleven : Use the left over pastry ( That you trimmed off the edge ) and cut out little stars and build them up around the edge of your pie, circling into the middle :) 

Step Twelve : Paint over the top of your pie with a lil bit of milk to give it a nice golden coating when it comes out the oven. 

Step Thirteen : Pop the apple pie into the oven at 180 degrees and cook until golden brown :) 

Step Fourteen : Enjoy ! 

If you make one I hope you enjoy it and let me know how it goes in the comments ! If not then let me know what your favourite comfort food is ? :) 

Check back on Thursday for a top ten pins post !

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley 
Love Marianne xxx

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