Friday, 10 February 2017

The Yoga Diaries | Week Seven

Hello, Lovely People!

So this week I was back at yoga class after a two week gap due to my girlfriend being in hospital. I was definitely excited to be back at yoga this week but the class was a little up and down as far as my ability went. As the class began I realised how achy and for lack of a better term "Not stretchy" my body was as a result of not doing yoga for two weeks ! I actually got concerned that I might have to leave the class and try again next week, but I persevered and everything quite quickly became easier, in fact I was immensely proud of myself by the end of the session! I felt I managed the whole of sun salutation A fairly well and I only had to go into child's pose once to take a break In the whole session ( I might be glossing over the fact that I stayed in child's pose so long trying to catch my breath that the instructor stopped the class to check ( and I quote ) that she "not broken" me ) . Overall I'm feeling pretty proud of myself and am going to try and do some very gentle yoga at home this week and see how that goes !

What went well: Sun salutation A went extremely well and I was really getting into the flow of it after a few goes ( I even demonstrated it to my very confused looking girlfriend when I came home and was telling her about my class )

What I need to improve: Allowing myself to enjoy the class

How I'm going to improve it: I found that when I focused on my breathing and exhaled and inhaled when the instructor told me to, the poses were actually much easier and much easier and more enjoyable. So I'm going to focus more on myself and trust myself to listen to and work with my body.

What have you done this week that you're proud of ? I'd love to hear about it in the comments !

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :)

Lots of love, Marianne xxx


  1. I love reading your Yoga Diaries, they really inspire me that I need to get back into pilates again! Even though you had a break, the most important thing is that you're back and persevering! So glad you're enjoying it! :-)

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  2. Great to know that you're feeling proud of yourself :) Lovely post as always!

  3. It's great to hear that you persevered and didn't give up even when you felt like it. You seem like a very determined person which is definitely something to be proud of! Completely unrelated to exercise but last week I managed to finish sending uni applications for a masters course off which is what I am proud of :) Gemma xx

  4. Well done, hun, I'm so happy for you! You kept going strong and haven't given up despite all the challenges and difficulties, that's something to be proud of and I'm so glad you keep getting better at it! :) <3 Can you see a big difference between now and when you first started doing yoga seven weeks ago? xoxo


  5. Allowing yourself to totally enjoy the class sounds like a great way of making yourself more comfortable and easing into the lessons. Good luck with controlling your breathing!