Sunday, 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas ! | Blogmass 2016

Hello, Lovely People, 

First thing's first: 


I hope you've all had a wonderful day filled with the magic of Christmas :) I think that it's amazing that we have this beautiful day filled with positivity and kindness! I've had some brilliant presents from my family and girlfriend and am incredibly grateful. If you'd like to see a few of the bits and bobs that I have been given for Christmas then let me know in the comments! 

Secondly, you may have noticed that for the last week of Blog mass I didn't post. I was really upset about this because all of my posts were pre-written and I was very well prepared for Blog mass this year and put a lot of work in, but in the last week of Blog mass I moved house and with it being Christmas there was nobody to come out and set up the wifi so it wasn't physically possible to post. I hope you can forgive me. 

I am so unbelievably excited for the new year and getting lots of blogging done. This year I'm going to focus my blog on mindfulness, healthy living ( for your mind and body ) and creating the happiness in life that we all deserve. I'd like to still post the odd personal post and am very open to suggestions of any posts that you guys would like to see so let me know down below. 

Here are a few pictures of our Christmas ! 

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 

Lots of love, Marianne xxx


  1. You and your girlfriend are so sweet! I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas! I also want to focus on mindfullness and living healthily so I'll definitely be checking this space out because you are so motivational and positive! Happy new year marianne! XO- Kim

  2. Merriest of Christmas, Marianne!! Looks like you guys had a nice day filled with lots of love and happiness. Enjoy this time with your family and girlfriend, and have fun ringing in 2017! Cheers! :)


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  4. Merry Christmas! That's such a shame about the wifi, but how exciting to have moved house! :)

    xo Beca Jade |

  5. I'm glad that you had an amazing Christmas. New house seems like really good news!

    Joyce | Joycentricity

  6. Aw this is so so sweet, I hope you had a lovely day! I am so glad I found you blog, it is really impressive.. you should be so proud! x

  7. Lovely pictures! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Also wishing you an amazing New Year,filled with happiness and achivements! x

  8. Happy new year, beautiful! I hope that 2017 is the best one yet! :) Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas, so thank you for sharing all those lovely pics. Can't wait to see what your lovely blog has in store for us in 2017! :) <3 xoxo


  9. I hope you had a great Christmas and happy new year!
    Aleeha xXx

  10. Oh my best wishes and blessings to you
    very cute pics

  11. Great post, wishing you the best in 2017

  12. Your Christmas sounds and looks beautiful and you and your girlfriend always make me happy! <3 xoxo